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    1. Turbocharger rotor assembly

      Products Mode: TA45-1
      Min order: 10
      Delivery date: 1-30 days
      Productivity: 8000 sets/month
      Packing: Neutral packing,brand name packing
      Certificates: ISO9001:2000;TS16949

      Product Name:Turbocharger rotor assembly
      After Balance
      Competitive Price

      54359880000/54359880003/54359880005/54359880009.OEM products KP35.Chinese professional manufacturer.

      Find more and Valued information of Chinese Rotor assembly turbo parts TA45-1.We are a professional turbocharger manufacturer to produce Rotor assembly turbo parts TA45-1.

      1.Excellent quality control
      2.Competitive price
      3.Great power output and reduce pollution
      4.Test before packing
      5.with short delivery time

      Various models of Turbocharger Rotor Assembly/Turbine Shaft & Wheel are supplied.

      Clients who are in need of rotor assembly/shaft & Wheel please feel free to contact us and offer us model, part no., dimension, we will check and send you a detailed quotation.

      Company advantages
      1) Manufacturing products which meet customers' specifications
      2) Striving to meet customers' target values
      3) Monitoring customer satisfaction
      4) Shipping products on the date required by customers
      5) Reasonable stocks and fast and timely shipment
      6) Good prices with professional services and high quality standards