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    1. Bearing housing for turbochargers

      Products Mode: T04 water
      Min order: 10
      Delivery date: 1-30 days
      Productivity: 8000 sets/month
      Packing: Neutral packing,brand name packing
      Certificates: ISO9001:2000;TS16949

      Product Name:Bearing housing for turbochargers
      Mode:T04 water

      Turbo Bearing Housing

      1.Competitive price
      2.High quality
      3.OEM standard
      4.Long performance life

      Bearing housing is the support body of rotor components in a turbocharger. It is connected to compressor housing and turbine housing to form the completed turbocharger. Apart from bearing the mechanical load of rotor components, it also endures the heat load from the turbine end.

      We are a professional manufacturer of turbochargers and turbo parts.
      Our advantages
      1.Our turbocharger pass high speed CORE balancing test.
      2.We can also produce according to samples.
      3.Our products sell well all over the world and have won high compliment.
      4.We have sufficient experience and high responsibility.
      5.Welcome to send us your sample and we can provide with you what you want.