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    1. News

      Turbocharger is actually an air compressor, which increases air intake through compressed air.
      Nowadays, more and more small displacement turbocharged engines are used in automobiles.
      As time goes on, the power source of automobiles will eventually abandon the traditional internal combustion engines and more and more new energy vehicles will enter the market. However, at this stag…
      With the upgrading of the configuration of the automobile industry, now many cars are equipped with turbocharged engines, which is what we usually call "T" cars.
      Nowadays, automobiles are developing towards the trend of small displacement in order to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction. In theory, the displacement is proportional to the p…
      In the course of daily driving, we will hear the sound of whistling and firing of automobile supercharger.
      Fault Phenomenon: Blue smoke from exhaust at idle speed, light and heavy.
      When the diesel engine fails or the ship is full loaded, the top wind and the dirty bottom increase the external load, the speed of the diesel engine decreases.
      For various reasons, trucks sometimes have insufficient power. Today, we will focus on the diagnosis and elimination of the turbocharger part, which is the insufficient power of the vehicle.
      After the engine is started, especially in winter, it should be idled for a period of time so that the lubricant can lubricate the bearings sufficiently before the turbocharger rotor runs at high spe…
      But many people say ethanol gasoline will cause serious damage to the scroll supercharger, and lead to owners avoid buying, is this really reasonable? Is it absolutely right?
      Aiming at the turbocharger hysteresis phenomenon of exhaust gas turbocharger, a large or small turbine in series or two turbines in parallel can drive the turbine to rotate at high speed at low engin…
      So, many friends have their own experience in using turbocharged vehicles. So, are these sets of experience useful?
      Now the fuel burnt into the cylinder produces double power as it was producing without the turbocharger.
      A turbocharged engine produces more power overall than the same engine without the charging.
      Additional heat in the engine bay and engine. Requires appropriate cooling upgrades (better radiator, maybe an oil cooler, etc.) and heat shielding around the turbine and exhaust components to protec…
      A decrease in air intake temperature provides a denser intake charge to the engine and allows more air and fuel to be combusted per engine cycle, increasing the output of the engine.
      There are two main reasons for the failure of turbocharger: one is the damage caused by overheating of engine, the other is the damage caused by insufficient lubricating oil.
      Due to improper use, maintenance and maintenance, the engine is prone to malfunction, resulting in the engine can not work properly.
      The power and torque of the engine with turbocharger should be increased by 20%~30%. On the contrary, under the same power output requirements, the cylinder diameter of the engine can be reduced, and…
      How much is the cost of car maintenance? I believe that many car owners still have doubts, introducing the maintenance situation of several popular turbocharged models in the market, and The matters …
      Replace the oil filter and air filter, then filter and add clean lubricating oil to the full scale of the oil gauge, so as to ensure that the engine lubricating oil and oil passage are clean and clea…